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Success Stories

Burgess Specialty Fabricating, Inc.
Burgess needed to replace substandard software with a completely automated accounting system.  Now with Sage BusinessWorks, Burgess enjoys streamlined automation; seamless data flow; improved accuracy; easy payroll processing; precise reporting, tax, and deposit tracking; quick month ends; automatic AP setup; and strategic financials.

Cook Sliding and Window Co.
Cook was looking to replace a manual, paper-bound bookkeeping system with an automated, integrated, accounting and payroll system.  With Sage BusinessWorks, payroll has been reduced from an all-day chore to a 45-minute task; sales orders, job costing, accounting, and payroll have been integrated; and there is seamless data flow replacing the inefficient paper trails.

Cyprian Keyes Golf Club
Cyprian Keyes needed a business system to integrate with its industry-specific POS package. The company sought a solution with detailed financials while being exceptionally easy to use.  With Sage BusinessWorks, Cyprian Keyes saves 20 hours per week in data entry, plus the cost of an outside payroll service.

Delello & Sons Asphalt Paving, Inc.
The manufacturer of Delello & Sons’ legacy accounting software went out of business, leaving the company without support or upgrade options.  Since switching to Sage BusinessWorks, it has had a five-fold improvement in data storage capabilities; savings from performing payroll functions in-house; and the ability to manage multiple companies on a single system.

Greer Bros., Inc.
Greer Bros. was looking to replace manual bookkeeping with an automated, comprehensive solution that provided powerful financial reporting and custom statement capabilities with room to grow.  Thanks to Sage BusinessWorks the Greer Bros. team gets exceptional reporting; enjoys data at their fingertips; has better payroll and workers compensation management; and accesses precise multidepartment tracking.

Hamilton Medical Group
Hamilton Medical Group’s outdated billing software offered rudimentary payroll functionality but lacked sophisticated financial reporting and inventory control.  Hamilton Medical Group was able to eliminate one full-time position thanks to the efficiencies gained using Sage BusinessWorks. Nearly two weeks were shaved from the reporting cycle and a day and a half saved each pay period.

Herschal Products, Inc.
A growing company, Herschal needed a simple and affordable alternative to its outdated paper-based accounting system.  With Sage BusinessWorks, accounting functions are managed effectively for a multicompany enterprise and customizable reporting at fair price.

Image Supply, Inc.
Devoted Sage BusinessWorks user Image Supply was ready to integrate e-commerce into strategic offerings.¬† Now data entry time has been cut in half; it eliminated the need for one full-time employee, and the business has grown by 50 percent without additional hiring―saving $40,000 a year.

The Impex Group
The Impex Group sources quality honey from around the world and imports it in large quantity for sale to wholesale packers throughout the United States. In turn, those packers sell to a wide variety of customers, including commercial bakeries, food manufacturers, and distributors. The company has a reputation for finding and delivering product of consistently high quality at fair prices.

Island Soap Company
Island Soap found QuickBooks to be cumbersome, slow, underpowered, and did not provide necessary inventory or e-commerce management features.  Since implementing Sage BusinessWorks, web order processing has been reduced from 45 minutes to 5 minutes, allowing the sector to grow; automation trimmed 15 percent off shipping time and improved morale in shipping group.

Looking to replace a novice system, Kidsport needed one that could effectively manage 20,000 stock items, handle comprehensive financial transactions, and automate invoice, A/P, and A/R functions. With Sage BusinessWorks, it now has seamless integration and data flow between programs; precise analysis capabilities; saved substantial staff hours; and enabled easy month-end reporting.

Mario and Son, Inc.
Mario and Son needed to find an integrated and automated accounting package that was easy to use and could keep pace with a 10 percent growth rate.  Sage BusinessWorks has tripled efficiency; achieved a positive ROI in one year; automated manual business processes; eliminated duplicated efforts with seamless data flow; and provided solid balance sheets, income statements, and tax data.

Mickey Gilley Interests
Mickey Gilley was looking to introduce an automated system with streamlined consolidation of four companies with integrated check and reporting capabilities.  Sage BusinessWorks has streamlined automation; given the company extensive check writing and reporting capabilities; quick financial overviews of all four companies; and reduced costs and improved productivity.

Nordost Corporation
QuickBooks could not handle both manufacturing and distribution functions for Nordost; it lacked internal security and crashed regularly. Sage BusinessWorks has cut inventory turnaround by half, freed warehouse space for new product lines, trimmed receivables by 25 percent, and eliminated need-to-hire shipping staff.

OPI Inc.
OPI’s DOS-based PowerBase accounting software required a professional programmer, had restrictive fields, and provided little or no flexibility.  With the sales order automation in Sage BusinessWorks, OPI saves hundreds of dollars every day, and overall efficiencies improved by 20 percent.

Rising Sun Enterprises, Inc.
Rising Sun needed to replace an inadequate bookkeeping package with a business management solution that provided financial analysis capabilities and kept up with company growth.¬† With Sage BusinessWorks, it now enjoys robust financial management, precise inventory control,¬† superb reporting capabilities, complete financial analysis, and a 10―15 percent cut in bookkeeping tasks.

Topy America
The Topy America OTR Division had outgrown its entry-level accounting software and required a full-featured, high-performance solution to manage its growing operation. Sage BusinessWorks Accounting offered the required functionality, competitive price, and a straightforward conversion and implementation. The reporting and security features in Sage BusinessWorks help ensure compliance with J-SOX requirements, and Sage KnowledgeSync automates many tasks, saving time and simplifying data sharing.

Truck Mixer Supply & Mfg., Inc.
Truck Mixer Supply & Mfg. needed a robust business management solution, allowing its employees to work remotely with access to critical company information.  With Sage BusinessWorks, Truck Mixer Supply & Mfg., Inc. has been able to streamline the paperwork side of its business, allowing its employees to focus more on the structure of the business.

Tuffy Security Products, Inc.
Tuffy Security was looking to replace its error-ridden, unstable system with a reliable, streamlined business management solution that could handle exponential growth.  With Sage BusinesWorks it has achieved a 50 percent reduction in administrative workload; streamlined integration; improved accuracy and seamless data flow; and has intelligent, real-time reporting.

Tuleu Consulting
Tuleu needed help managing a thriving export business to West Africa and maximizing the use of email for quotes, orders, and confirmation.  With Sage BusinessWorks, the company has eliminated the need to key 350,000 part descriptions onto invoices, and permitted electronic transmission of orders, reducing international faxes and phone calls.

Wicklund's CARSTAR Collision Center
Wicklund’s CARSTAR Collision Center wanted to acquire a more sophisticated system that integrated front- and back-office functions and was compatible with the company’s industry-specific ABS package.  Sage BusinessWorks provided seamless integration from front to back office, improved customer service, eliminated redundant input, and improved accuracy.

Wojchik Electric, Inc.
Wojchik Electric was looking to obtain automated job costing and payroll programs that could effectively manage the complex requirements of the construction industry.  With Sage BusinessWorks it now has automated payroll processing of union employees, exceptional job costing capabilities, precision reporting, and reduced data input and associated man hours.


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