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Sage BusinessWorks 2012: Your Key to Greater Profit Potential

You probably know that Sage BusinessWorks can simplify and streamline your operational processes and daily activities. Sage BusinessWorks 2012 takes those capabilities to the next level. Designed with you in mind, Sage BusinessWorks 2012 improves performance and intelligence and gives you additional insights into your critical business metrics. As a result, you can make better informed business management decisions with an eye to increasing productivity and profitability.

For a printable version of this information, please download the Release Guide, which outlines the ease-of-use improvements along with new functionality that can also improve your productivity.

Enjoy easier, safer customer payments with new PA-DSS-compliant, integrated credit card processing

With comprehensive, integrated PA-DSS-compliant functionality through Sage Exchange, Sage BusinessWorks 2012 makes posting credit card transactions as simple as posting cash transactions. It's all done simultaneously so you save time, energy, and resources by eliminating the tiresome, error-prone chore of rekeying data. Not only do you get rid of the extra steps previously required to process credit card transactions and then post them, you reduce the risk of credit card security breaches that can cost your company significant dollars in Payment Card Industry (PCI) fines and also seriously damage your good name.

See the details faster with new, customizable General Ledger financial reports

Focus on obtaining the information you need with new drill-down capabilities in General Ledger while customizing standard reports, including adding/removing fields, rearranging fields, printing in landscape mode, and changing sort/filter options. You'll be able to drill down to the account detail on the Trial Balance and consolidate some accounts on the Income Statement while still providing full details on other accounts. Sage BusinessWorks 2012 also allows easy manipulation of data to send many reports to Microsoft Excel® without formatting changes.

Better manage your payments with an upgraded user interface to the Accounts Payable manual invoice selection

Gain more control and visibility into your payment process when you select vendor invoices for payment. A single screen enables you to quickly and easily choose invoices from a list for a single vendor or multiple vendors, so you can take advantage of available discounts while ensuring invoice due dates are not missed. When you finish, view all invoices selected for payment for all vendors along with the total number of invoices and the total dollar amount. Additionally, we've simplified the application of open credits. Now you can automatically apply open credits to the oldest invoices first or apply them to specific invoices of your choice.

Save time and reduce mouse clicks, thanks to the new Enter Payments user interface

Selecting invoices for a single vendor just got a whole lot easier now that you can choose from a list of all invoices for a specific vendor displayed on a single screen. Plus, you can decrease the mouse clicks previously required to complete the payment process. No more navigating to multiple screens to select your invoice; pay all invoices with a single click or opt for individual invoices by selecting the check box.

Stop tedious searching for a specific invoice with a new Find Invoice field in Post Receipts

Tired of what seems like endless scrolling through a long list of invoices just to find a particular one? Depending on the number of customer receipts you need to post, it can be a lengthy and monotonous process. Not anymore! With the new find feature, you can quickly locate the invoice you want, then easily post that receipt!

Improve the accuracy and timeliness of your tax reporting with Aatrix payroll tax form integration

Make your tax form processing more efficient and organized. With tighter integration between Sage BusinessWorks and Aatrix, you no longer need worksheets. Just select the form and fields autofill as appropriate―no more typing the forms. Sage Business Care customers can also take advantage of the free Federal W-2 eFiling offered to Sage BusinessWorks customers for additional savings. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your tax forms are accurate, up to date, and correctly filed.

Reduce printing, stuffing, and postage costs with direct deposit payroll check emailing

Go greener while saving more time and money! With the new email address field in Maintain Employees, you can choose to email direct deposit paycheck stubs to your employees if they have an email address. Think of the money and resources you'll save versus printing, folding, stuffing, applying postage, and mailing them!

Cut paper waste with new Preview function in Report Groups

Recycling is great, but isn't it even better not to fill the bins in the first place? The Report Groups task has added a Preview option so you can see how the report will appear prior to printing, so you no longer have to print a report to validate the setup options! Not only will you conserve paper, but time, energy, and frustration as well.

Access Sage technical support in real time with a Live Chat link

Have a quick question you need answered now, but don't want to exit Sage BusinessWorks to get it? We have a solution! Now there's no need to interrupt your workflow―Sage Business Care customers get fast access to a support representative for simple questions by clicking the new in-product Live Chat link right from the Welcome Page as well as from the new Chat menu option.

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